two ingredient magic chocolate shell

two ingredient chocolate crackle toppingFirst up – some blog news – I’m migrating my site from to with a whole new cleaner, brighter, whiter, and more readable format. There may be a few hiccups over the next week or two as we make the changes, so I apologize in advance and beg you to please, please bear with me! I promise to do my best to make it worth your while… Read more


my father and an old Yorkshire recipe for mint and currant pasties

fresh mint (2)On this day – officially known as Father’s Day (the apostrophe is actually in the wrong place since this day belongs to all fathers) – I’m honouring my father. He was a tall, strapping Yorkshire man, with a thick Yorkshire accent. He grew up in the tiny village of Mytholmroyd and went to school with the young Ted Hughes (later to become the Poet Laureate of Britain) before he, my father, was sent off to Rishworth, a boarding school in West Yorkshire.  Read more

new favourite thing – sweet potato, spinach, and mushroom ‘lasagna’

layered vegetarian lasagnaIf you use any kind of social media – you’ll have seen the headlines proclaiming you’ve been doing everything wrong – and not just wrong but “all wrong.” You’ve been boiling eggs all wrong. You’ve been brushing your teeth all wrong. You’ve been making your bed all wrong. You’ve been driving all wrong. Shopping all wrong. Reading all wrong. Chances are you’ve been living your entire life all wrong… Read more

I haven’t answered your email because… / and a dairy-free chocolate mousse

dairyfree mousseAccording to Forbes magazine, most of us are spending more than one-quarter of our working week just answering or dealing with email. And that’s just email. Then there are the text messages, the telephone calls, and the time spent on social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, and LinkedIn…

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