jam-jams – good for the soul

jam-jams 1Several people have asked me for more savoury posts – more main courses – and more vegan dishes. I even promised a dear friend that I’d post an entire vegan dinner party menu.

So there’s absolutely no excuse for what I am about to post.  Except that, I had leftover sugar cookie dough and leftover icing from my Valentine’s Day post – “the Grinch that stole Valentine’s Day.”

Between the leftover dough and the fact that it’s Family Day in Ontario – an odd little holiday that we celebrate in four of the ten provinces (and none of the three territories) in Canada – I decided to make Jam-Jams.  They seem kind of fitting somehow.  They’re old-fashioned, sweet, and comforting – the kind of thing everyone’s mother made. They’re irresistible. They’re good for the soul.

Luckily for me, my youngest daughter came home last night to sleep over and have Family Day breakfast with me this morning before I returned her to university. I sent her home with a box of Jam-Jams. They made us both smile.

For the recipe – click here.  Just roll your Jam-Jams a wee bit thinner than you would roll normal sugar cookies. Cut them however you like but a circle is traditional. When cool – sandwich them together with raspberry jam and frost the tops.

Coming soon – I promise – more savoury posts, more vegan dishes, NO more sugar cookies.



18 thoughts on “jam-jams – good for the soul

  1. SO YUMMY! Love these! I’ve already eaten more than I should have from the ones you gave me!

    PS. Please give Pookie my love tonight – I feel so bad leaving him every time!! 😦

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