goat slider burgers with yoghurt mint sauce

I’m an increasingly guilt-ridden meat-eater.

Vegetarians and vegans will probably scoff at this – but I try to eat meat responsibly. I buy local meat whenever I can. I think about what I buy. I eat vegetarian routinely and purposefully. So, it’s with some reluctance that I post this recipe. It’s just that in all honesty, it is one of my absolute favourite meals.

Plus my daughter called me today from Quebec City to ask for the recipe. She was surprised it wasn’t on my blog. Others have also asked for this recipe. If you can’t find a supplier of ground goat – you can substitute ground lamb (or ground beef). I buy goat at a local market from a farming couple who only front up occasionally. You can often buy goat at Halal meat stores.

Goat meat is the world’s most widely consumed red meat. It’s eaten by 70% of the global population.  The only places goat meat is not particularly popular are North America and parts of Northern Europe but its popularity is on the increase in North American markets. Goat is exceptionally tasty – it’s also the lowest cholesterol and lowest calorie red meat. And since goats are not fed cereal crops, goat meat is significantly healthier for both humans and for the planet itself.

This recipe appears on page 87 of A Taste of Wintergreen. (Please forgive the shameless plug.)  We served these burgers at Wintergreen to a crowd of 40+ along with a variety of salads including a fantastic roasted potato and mint salad (will post that recipe soon) and despite the fact that half the crowd was leery of eating goat – it was one of the most popular meals ever. If you can get your hands on some ground goat – you won’t be disappointed.

Goat Slider Burgers with Yoghurt Mint Sauce Serves 4 – 6

454 grams (1 pound) ground goat
1 teaspoon coarse salt
½ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
1 tablespoon Hoisin sauce
1 teaspoon hot chili sauce
1 clove garlic, minced
1 teaspoon ground cumin
1 tablespoon green onion, finely chopped

Make a well in the meat, toss in the remaining ingredients and mix thoroughly by hand. Form small patties—a pound should do six burgers or eight to ten sliders. Barbeque over medium heat until no pink remains. Serve immediately with yoghurt mint sauce and a variety of salads.

Yoghurt Mint Sauce

1½ cups all natural full-fat Greek style yoghurt
½ cup mint jelly
fresh mint to garnish

Mix together and garnish with fresh mint. Serve alongside the goat burgers.


20 thoughts on “goat slider burgers with yoghurt mint sauce

  1. I have only had goat once, when I was on vacation in the Caribbean. It’s delicious. Those sliders look so good. The yogurt mint sauce is perfect with them. What are the buns that you used? They look so good. Now I really want to get some goat meat. Like you I try to eat meat responsibly and 8 of 10 meals is meatless but I have to admit I do love meat always have always will.

    1. Seems we’re “flexitarians” Suzanne! And yes, goat is surprisingly delicious. I had expected something that tasted much stronger and more gamey. Like you – I do love some meat and fish in my diet – so I try to be responsible. The buns are mini ciabatta buns – they’re adorable. I hope you can find some goat meat locally – but I imagine in Brooklyn you can find almost everything! 😉

      1. Yes, the butcher shop I use has goat meat from time to time, they only use pastured, grass fed animals and it’s the place I trust to buy my meat when I buy it. It’s been a long time since I have had goat now I want some.

  2. I’m like both you and Suzanne, in that I eat mostly vegetarian. Excepting this weekend! Delicious Cumberland sausages, smoked bacon and lambs liver! The latter I don’t think I’ve ever cooked with before. Anyway, I’m developing a particular recipe which explains the meat fest – not the sausages! No excuse there.
    – The only time I’ve had goat was at a remote religious festival in Eastern Portugal. Have to admit I wasn’t overly keen as it was tremendously fatty – maybe they used old goats. Certainly wouldn’t stop me from grabbing one of your sliders with absolute relish 🙂

  3. This is seriously the best burger recipe ever – bar none!
    I could not find goat on short notice in Quebec City, so we substituted ground lamb – it was amazing. Don`t skip the mint sauce – pairs perfectly.

    Thanks for another amazing meal!

  4. I’m vegie but am totally down with the ethical meat thing. Kids & hubby only eat free range & I try to buy organic whenever I can. These look fab, will have to convince Misses5 & 7 to try goat.

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