a batch of stunningly good Nanaimo Bars

Nanaimo Bars are quintessentially Canadian. They are to British Columbia what Butter Tarts are to Ontario, Flapper Pie is to the Prairies, Tarte au Sucre is to Quebec, and Figgy Duff is to Newfoundland: beloved and iconic. Essential pieces of our culinary history. Continue reading “a batch of stunningly good Nanaimo Bars”


the problem with lentils and some caramel almond quickies

This is the beginning of the fifth month of winter in Eastern Ontario. There’s been snow on the ground continuously since the third week of November.  And even though there are bits of winter that I love, like almost everyone I know, I’ve had enough.

Continue reading “the problem with lentils and some caramel almond quickies”

the call of the wild: lakes, loons, and s’mores

Yesterday I woke just before dawn to the sound of loons calling. I’d heard them the night before too, and the nights before that, as I fell asleep in my tent. There’s something so reassuring about the beautiful, mournful wail of the loon – the haunting lullaby of the wild.

I was fifteen kilometres down a lake or two, one beaver dam, and two portages into Killarney Provincial Park in Northern Ontario, and just over 700 kilometres from my home, on a Wild Women Expedition. This was my second trip with the all-women outdoor adventure company, who are less about ‘women going wild’ than they are about getting women into the wild. Continue reading “the call of the wild: lakes, loons, and s’mores”

chocolate lunacy

It’s not over ‘til the chocolate course is served…

On her multi-award winning food site, Chocolate and Zucchini, Parisian foodie Clotilde Dusoulier recently interviewed a Lithuanian chocolate maker who is a self-described “chocolate lunatic.”

Perfect, I thought, that’s me!  I’m not fond of labels but chocolate lunatic is one I can live with. I’m sure chocolate lunacy is a spectrum disorder and I’m definitely somewhere on the spectrum. The Lithuanian chocolate maker is also a chocolate snob but that’s not something I suffer from. Almost any chocolate will suffice. Continue reading “chocolate lunacy”