to find the recipes click on the titles below…

a frog green skillet and a wild leek omelette
picking wild leeks 2

a week of lost and found and the perfect recipe for muesli


perfect hot summer night dinner party – vodka berry sorbet

Vodka Berry Sorbet

pasta that makes me cry with gratitude – fettucine Lindy

fettucine lindy

 my dog Lola – she takes the biscuit


chocolate spectrum disorder – molten chocolate cakes

molten chocolate cakes

 fresh perspective: pesto, fig, and blue cheese pizza

Pesto, Fig and Blue Cheese Pizza

Plagiarism and the Starbucks Pumpkin Scones Clones

vegan pumpkin scones1

the next chapter and some serious comfort food: chicken lasagna florentine


the joy of curried butternut squash soup

Butternut Squash soup

a recipe for owls


a recipe for happiness – tiramisu


do the things you think you cannot do but first a recipe for citrus, fig, and olive tapenade

cranberry and apple galette


3 thoughts on “favourite posts

    1. Thanks Maria – I’m not sure about this new blog theme. I miss the old one. This particular page is old – was on the previous blog but maybe harder to see there. I still a long way from the blog I can envision… but can’t seem to create!

      1. I am sitting here trying to figure out how to remove the frame from around my photographs. I am just about to give up. Oh to be ten years old and able to understand this all!

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