Available August 18, 2015

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See a full-page review of A Taste of Wintergreen in the Kingston Whig Standard, Canada’s oldest newspaper.

A Taste of Wintergreen is about a love for simple, delicious food, the wealth of the land and the kitchen it comes from. Lindy shares her warm, casual approach with natural dishes that are simple, healthful, and delicious. This book is a tribute to a place and a connection and heart-warming feelings about good food. It feels like coming home. TRISH MAGWOOD, Host of the Food Network television show, Party Dish, and author of Dish Entertains and In My Mother’s Kitchen

The food is as wonderful as the place itself. How is this possible? Such care goes into the planning of the menus and the preparation. The meals are so delicious that you dream about them long after you’ve gone home. If the soul has a physical hunger, it gets satisfied at the Wintergreen table. LORNA CROZIER, author of The Sex Lives of Vegetables and Small Beneath the Sky. Recipient of numerous awards and honours including the Governor General’s Award and the Order of Canada.

As a travel writer I’ve eaten exotic dishes from the far reaches of the globe. When I tasted Lindy Mechefske’s sublime Tuscan pasta (known as Fettuccine Lindy) at Wintergreen, I was blissfully blown away in realizing that the dish was the best thing I’d ever had anywhere. Lindy is a poet of the kitchen! LAURIE GOUGH, author of Kite Strings of the Southern Cross: A Women’s Travel Odyssey and Kiss the Sunset Pig.

Wintergreen is not just a superb education and retreat centre, but it is also home to some of the most delicious meals I have ever eaten. I have so enjoyed Lindy Mechefske’s cooking, and now look forward to working from this fantastic cookbook to recreate those meals for myself. HELEN HUMPHREYS, author of The Reinvention of Love, The Lost Garden, Wild Dogs, The Frozen Thames and many others. 


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  1. Hi Lindy: Congrats. It’s good to see that your second book will be out soon.
    Did Sir John A. like Jamaican food? His wife (2nd wife) was Jamaican, so, being of Jamaican background myself, I wonder if that changed his diet at all. (I don’t mean the drinking, though she apparently did a lot to curb it.) Congrats again!

    1. Thank you so much Cynthia. Interesting that you are of Jamaican background. I have a cousin born there though I’ve never been and really must. Agnes was Jamaican-born but mostly very English. Apparently she was entirely lacking in culinary imagination! And though, yes, she tried to curb John A. of his egregious drinking problem – she didn’t have a lot of luck. He was such a character – terribly flawed but fascinating.

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