carry on cooking – a pressed crust pear and plum tart

In the face of adversity – I always retreat to the kitchen. Cooking, and more specifically baking, is my favourite form of therapy.

I once met my neighbour in the grocery store and she told me I looked ashen and asked me if I was feeling okay. I’m sure I did look quite pale. I’d just driven my car into the car in front of me at a red light in broad daylight. Continue reading “carry on cooking – a pressed crust pear and plum tart”


a kale, sausage, and feta frittata

I’m off to the south of France where I’m going to spend a couple of weeks locked up in an old barn. Writing.

On the eve of my departure – with approximately eleven-hundred-and-seventy-nine thousand things to do before I go – including such details as beginning and finishing packing, finding my travel documents, printing out my boarding passes, finding my train tickets to Montreal, charging all my electronics, paying bills, making food for the ones I am leaving behind, calling my mum, and making all of the last-minute arrangements – it seems like a perfect  time to write a blog post. Continue reading “a kale, sausage, and feta frittata”

I’m just mad about saffron. And a Tortilla Espanola

Tortilla Espanola
Seriously, I am quite annoyed about saffron.

I thought I’d embark on a Spanish cooking extravaganza commencing with traditional paella. I needed a few ingredients so I stopped on my home from work at a sweet little gourmet food shop. The only saffron they had was in a little tiny vial. $11.95 for 0.4 grams. Less than half a gram. That’s less than half the weight of a regular paper clip. Handpicked in La Mancha Spain it may be, but honestly, that price seems out of this world. Continue reading “I’m just mad about saffron. And a Tortilla Espanola”